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How many tourists does it take to use a cupcake ATM? I think the answer was about 5.

But seriously…cupcake ATM. There’s that.

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Having dinner with a high school friend from ages ago and having your eye doctor sneak in 2 extra pairs of contacts for free, when you casually mentioned in passing, that 2 pairs from your last order tore in half, makes for a pretty great Wednesday.

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October, I’m pretty pumped for you.

(Read: I’m tired of having an astronomical electric bill from needing to have the AC on.)

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A birthday celebration this awesome is worth waiting 2 weeks for. :D


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Andd, wedding 6:7 of the year = successfully complete! Congrats Stacey and Amanda!!! We <3 you both and had so much fun.

And over the course of our dinner? The sky changed from this gorgeous blue, to that gorgeous gray above:


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We managed some good travel karma this time around (finally!) and celebrated with GF Chinese food and happy hour. :D

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This week? “it” = a super huge project at work that I’ve had so much fun doing and I can’t believe it’s almost ready for launch…

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Monday = SO much better when babies and friends and sunny downtown Manhattan is involved.

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I was fumbling with…a coffee mug, a wedding present, my phone, headphones, keys, and a bus pass, BUT. I caught a glimpse of my shoes + sidewalk + scarf and had to dump all that stuff in my bag before the bus came so I could take a quick shot of what caught my eye.

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I think having homemade birthday cake for breakfast everyday of your birthday week/weekend is a sign of being incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends. If this is any indication of what 30 is going to be like, I’d say it’s going to be pretty freaking awesome. : D