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So many delicious things going on this weekend, and pre-Google-Hangout with my love, I decided to use my free-coffee-filled-punch-card situation for a delicious latte.

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When 2 Jersey girls who have been best friends since 1999 get engaged, celebrations involving diners and mimosas are in order. :D

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Having a birthday on a Tuesday means you can have 2 birthday weekends, right? :D

I’d say that GF bbq chicken pizza is a pretty great way to start out one of those weekends:


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Never forget.

( Also? That speck of blue in at the left edge? How. Cool. )

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At the September 11th Memorial Museum, they have a wall when you first walked in that’s covered with tiles that artists have painted when they were asked to paint the color of the sky as they remember it on the morning of 9/11. This sky? Reminds me of that color. One day early.

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Because of the off-ness of this week, I’ve been going to work, coming home, sleeping, and repeating. This doesn’t leave much time for daily photos, but I really like when my commute deviates from normalcy by a block or two because of something silly - a missed green light, etc. - and I see something that I’ve never seen before, despite going the ‘same’ way for the past 2 years.

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I have no idea what’s up with this cold/flare/whatever-you’d-like-to-call-it that’s been going on since Labor Day weekend but I’d like it to uh, calm down, sooner rather than later…either way, though - this coffee table book cover (that I was SO close to buying!) seemed quite appropriate.

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Sometimes all you need to do on a Sunday is sit on your couch in an awesome robe and watch terrible tv.

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Light pollution from the Empire State Building? Yepp. Pretty cool.